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  • Seemingly entertained, Damon tells Jeremy to leave or get over his sympathy.
  • However, her Aunt Jenna is turned into a vampire and, as part of the sacrifice, is killed by Klaus, leaving Elena without a guardian.
  • She uses her magic on Mason, effectively subduing him so that they can capture him.

Bonnie accuses him of wanting Elena to go over the edge. Damon can't believe Mason trusts him after all he's done. He then calls Stefan and the brothers attempt to track down Elena. He's unable to enter the house because of a human resident. Liz then uses Matt to spy on Caroline, who she believes is a monster.

It remains to be seen if you know that stefan salvatore ian somerhalder damon and damon who is free, photos, elena dating nikki reed. She then asks Stefan and Damon to back down and stop trying to make her take the cure, to which they refuse. However, london fast dating Katherine had injected Elena's body with Dr. Jeremy made Elena go to graduation but she was still shown to be worried about Damon.

Elena and Damon

He tells Stefan that he hopes Elena dies. After Elena tranquilizes Stefan, Damon carries him to the dungeon and locks him inside, and the two of them sit in the hallway together. Damon meets Elena at the door and refuses to let her in. She says she loves him and accepts him and because she chose him.

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  1. When she finds that Stefan has been trapped in the tomb with Katherine, Damon stops her from entering, restraining her against the doorway until she leaves.
  2. He and Elena drive out to the farmhouse, where Damon demands Frederick let his brother go.
  3. Damon drives downtown to the set-up of the Night of Illumination, telling Bonnie that she screwed up with the spell, and that she needs to fix it, because Mason is after him for revenge.
  4. Eventually, he met a man named Oscar who convinced him to follow his own beliefs rather than his father's.
  5. Although she helped these vampires, she secretly fought against them, for she enchanted Jonathan Gilbert's inventions, including a device which could hurt vampires.
  6. Bonnie comes over later, while Damon and Alaric are discussing weapons in the background.

Her feelings for Damon have amplified. Damon was seemingly on the verge of killing Caroline's mother, but chose to spare her, much to everyone's relief. Later, Elena is packing her stuff and Damon asks her to not leave but she says that when they are together they do bad things for each other and she can't live with that. Katherine begs Damon to protect her as she feels someone is after her, Damon by the help of Jeremy's vampire hunter instincts that Silas is possessing as Stefan.

He argues that she needs to learn to revel in being a vampire. On the vampire diaries anymore, the vampire damon in my bed. In its seven seasons, set in the vampire diaries has racked up as elena gilbert is exiting the two scenes together.

While Damon is distracting her, Alaric pours wolfsbane into her drink. Heartbroken, Damon says that he gets it that its always going to be Stefan. Damon goes to the tomb and, now that the spell is lifted and he can move around freely, he brings Katherine blood and clothing, wondering if what John Gilbert said about killing Elijah is true. No matter what I feel for you, I never unfell for him.

Elena and Damon

Eventually revealed that elena nina dobrev had its series finale, elena and elena and details vampire diaries ended on a. Post-Ian, brain dating people and began dating in real life? She uses vampire blood to cure people and starts dating Alaric.

Damon Salvatore

Damon Salvatore

In the ninth episode of season four, Carol was killed by Klaus as payback for Tyler's plan to kill him. Isobel kills John at a party at the Lockwood Mansion, but he was seen wearing his ring and was brought back to life hours later. Tessa wanted Damon to kill Silas before he found the anchor.

Damon, though hesitant at first, is unable to refuse her because of his love for her. Stefan arrives to spare Zach before Damon kills him. Sadly, windsor Elena's phone rang.

Vampire Diaries Romance Off Screen 5 Couples That Dated In Real Life

Damon and Elena find him and take him back to the Salvatore house. He finds an old friend from his past, Will, dying from a werewolf bite and kills him out of mercy. Tyler eventually realizes that the sire bond isn't in his favor, and breaks it by repeatedly turning into a werewolf.

After hanging up with Stefan, Damon finds that one body isn't burning, but when he goes to set her on fire, he realized that Vicki is still alive. Damon is in bed beside Rebekah. When Elena arrives at the hospital worried about Caroline. We last see them walking hand in hand in the afterlife before reuniting with their respective families.

Damon confesses that he can't change who he is but he refuses to change Elena and leaves. Damon gives her Stefan's blood to drink. The girls find him feeding from Bill Forbes's neck thankfully Caroline is able to stop Damon from killing her father. Caroline assumes something is going on between Hayley and Tyler, but Tyler denies it which is the truth.

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She chooses the latter when she calls Damon to tell him her decision. Silas had seen Qetsiyah going to the party therefore both Damon and Silas goes to the ball party at Whitmore College. When Mason grabs her, Damon pries his hand away, thanking her as she's leaving the room.

Vampire Diaries Romance Off Screen 5 Couples That Dated In Real Life

Damon compels the human Stefan to leave, but Stefan had been taking vervain. Bonnie later finds out that Jeremy kissed Anna when the doorway to the Other Side was temporarily opened, and she breaks up with him. Though initially started on antagonistic terms, their relationship develops throughout the series. She was later turned into a vampire by Damon. Damon suddenly appears to return to the present, but collapses.

Bonnie manages to rescue Damon and Enzo from Sybil's control using objects from the Armory, and resumes her relationship with Enzo. Elena realized she made a mistake and tries to tell him that she didn't mean it. When Elena saw a hooded man, is jb dating anyone Stefan went after him.

Elena and Damon

She is reluctant to leave without them, but Damon threatens to leave her behind if she doesn't go. He continues to tell her more about the past. As an expression of his anger, pain, and hopelessness, he snaps Jeremy Gilbert's neck, not realizing he is wearing a ring which reverses damage done by supernatural creatures or forces.

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Instead, he got up to change his shirt. Mystic falls becomes a ghost town as was evacuated because the Heretics used them as leverage. And I'll even let her hate me for it. When Rebekah disappears, April finds her and frees her by removing the dagger. It's hard for Damon to accept that he has to change to have her in his life, which he explains to Andy Star, his compelled girlfriend a few more episodes in.

Damon offers to drive her to Whitmore but Elena confesses that if he does that then she won't be able to control herself around him and thus they are gonna end up back here. However, when he finally tells her, he's unaware that Katherine has taken over Elena's body when she rejects him. Damon during his human years, also displayed womanizing tendencies with the opposite sex. Stefan decides to break-up with Caroline as he runs from the Hunter with Valerie.

Stefan shows up just in time to break Damon's neck and lock him up until they can take care of Kol. Elena says something similar later, leaving Damon heartbroken. Elena, touched deeply by his words, leans in to kiss him but they are interrupted by Stefan who wakes up and tell them he has no idea who Elena and Damon are. He is a Siphoner, a witch born without the ability to generate his own magic but possessing a rare power that allows him to siphon and use magic from other sources. Luke's neck was snapped by Caroline Forbes in order to motivate Liv to cast a spell to resurrect him, Stefan and the rest of their deceased friends on the rapidly disintegrating Other Side.


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