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So now im afraid to do anything with the noise and the smells. If the inverter was faulty would it have burned the backlight? Maybe this helps about my problem?

Any other ideas other that a new computer? Before I order the inverter I would like to have one more question that might help if it is the lamp or the inverted. As it was still under warranty I took it in for repair.

The metal part is just a reflector. How to troubleshoot the problem. This is a small sprung tab in the bottom of the left hand of the two sockets into which the lid clips sit. Any help would be appreciated. Sometimes it turns on just for a few seconds so I suppose that there is no problem with thee lamp.

We tested inverter by bringing new inverter from Toshiba but didint work. He instalado estos drivers en un Toshiba Satellite M y funciona perfectamente.

The monitor went totally dark. Yes, you can if the bulb comes with wires so you can connect it to the inverter board. My Dell laptop went black today, after flickering just a bit for the last week or so. The display never recovered.

Marcus, I assume that desktop monitors are similar to laptop monitors but this is just a guess. Does anyone have an idea if this is related to a broken video cable? Also, if your laptop has lid close button, try tapping on the button a few times.

Would that be the inverter or the backlight? Sometimes now it will clear up and there is then no distortion as long as it remains on but other times I will restart it several times before it starts normally. Wojciech, It could be just a loose connection on one of the inverter ends. My new lcd screen is black but when connected to an external monitor, it is fine. Could be a faulty backlight.

Hi there, myToshiba M has faint light, i had taken to repair, free driver for hp laserjet 5 dtn they tried invertor and couldnt repaired. Shame Toshiba give no more support to their old stuff.

Coming to the issue of laptop display, Im facing some issues myself. What causes a back light on the monitor to go out? Any ideas on why this is happening nd what i do about it. Any ideas whether going to single monitor configuration will allow adjustment to a brighter screen setting, or could cabling or motherboard issues be involved?

You helped me save a couple of hundred bucks, from some tech, who told me there were a bunch of things wrong with my monitor. Tonight my Thinkpad X had a unlit screen.

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So, I was right, this problem is not related to the inverter board. After a few minutes the backlight turns off by itself and the buzzing noise stops. The inverter was not required. Angelos, It can be inverter or backlight lamp. This problem initially began with just some lines slightly obscuring the screen start up image and then clearing.


My girlfriend unplugged it while it was running, she thought the battery was in. Even though I suspected the backlight failure, I decided to test this laptop with a new inverter board just in case. Extract the file and you will get a folder name display or displayIntel. You said the screen is black.

If the external screen works fine, then most likely there is nothing wrong with the video card. Anyways, try reseating cable connections first. When i restart again it works fine for sometime and then it happens all over again. However, I could use some advice. Then, about a week later, I opened the lid one morning and the picture stayed on for maybe four or five days!

Check out if you can light up the backlight lamp inside the new screen. According to image above, I cant find it. When I connect the laptop the external monitor, it is no problem to display to external display. Of course this is not an option, I better buy a new laptop. Try reseating these connectors, it might help.

So I have replaced everything but the motherboard. Problem was with the sleep button. The laptop starts with video on the screen but the background has reddish tone, the screen flickers and it makes noticeable buzzing noise coming from the backlight and inverter area. Could you tell me how can I open my monitor to change the inverter and an idea on how much this could cost? Bruce, The only way to find the culprit is installing known good parts.

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Toshiba Equium, screen replaced as it got damaged. Probably you can find a non-working motherboard for Satellite M on eBay, desolder the connector and solder it to your motherboard, but it requires some very good soldering skills. Thank you so much for all these drivers.

Toshiba satellite m70-215 xp drivers

Hi, I think my back light inverter may be faulty. Look at the screen under bright light. First the light on the left side goes out, then if I continue to tilt, also the right light goes dark. Your laptop should have a lid close switch button somewhere close to the left hinge.

First, of all make sure the video cable is plugged correctly. Works fine on external monitor. Is it the problem with graphic card? It eventually went out completely. You have any thoughts, advise on this?

Try reseating connection on the back of the screen. My screen initially went black about two months ago. Hello, think i have similar problem as described higher.

The lamp can be easily replaced? Dj, Angelos, If the inverter you installed is good, then my next guess would be the backlight lamp. At the moment I am getting a perfect screen but earlier today when starting it up I observed horizontal lines through an almost completely washed out white screen. Can you get image on the external monitor? Hope someone here can give me few tips how to test it.

It also may be a problem of backlight or its inverter, however I dont have equipment to test that or even replace. Last night, shut the top for the evening and this morning opened it to find a very very very dark screen. You tested them and both work properly. Maybe the cable got disconnected from the motherboard when you dropped the laptop. Well, for the past week the screen is going black again.