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The delightful Roamer set in its original box. The red and black wrecker was sold separately and also in many sets. The hole in the trailer tang is too small. Dowst successfully sued the Erie Company and obtained royalties from others that had copied the patent.

Roughly those trucks that are scale. The center of the front bumper is smooth. Was this a factory sample obtained by his father?

  1. Today, thousands have survived, many in excellent condition.
  2. The tire retained the narrow whitewall and the same wheel cover as the previous years.
  3. These two models are today quite scarce and fabulously rare when found with their original box.
  4. The solid disc was eliminated.
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The blue convertible coupe on the top shelf bears the same color combination as the blue town car on the center shelf, as there was some crossover color sharing. More common color for this wrecking truck is cream and black, the yellow and black being more scarce. The Lincoln came in different versions, all of them a one-piece casting with integrated axle loops and blind hub on front.

An earlier edition has mostly disappeared because of metal corruption in the cab and separate chassis castings, making the survivors in decent condition quite rare today. Depending on the model, the trucks were fitted with either a plated steel solid disc wheel cover or a plated steel wheel cover with five triangular holes. It is one of the rarest of all prewar Tootsietoy models and exists with ot without motor. For the next several years, the classic Regular series grille would be based on Dodge pickup trucks of the era. New for was the introduction of whitewall tires.

The tailgate was hinged at the bottom and secured to the box sides at the top with a plated metal chain on each side. Two years later, Theodore S. The metallic rose Graham with matching painted wheels is quite scarce.

Below the LaSalles on top, speed dating littledown centre are three Lincoln Zephyrs. And the changes again took place on all four corners. The basic color combinations also were applied to a limited number of body styles.

The toys were all in pristine condition with very bright colors and were all marked underneath with the initials of either brother. The models were similar to the but with one key identifying feature. This royal blue LaSalle and Roamer trailer set were found in pristine condition in an estate sale in California. This being a edition with one-piece cab. There was also another feature added to the rear of the pickup.

The model was based on the current Ford F pickup of the era. The plated steel bumper and grille were separate pieces with the grille now held in place by four smooth, clear plastic headlights. The hood on and models only, can be identified by the four parallel ribs, evenly spaced, running front to back.

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Dowst marked the entry of the next generation as a book-keeper. It is of the same basic size as the toy box except a bit thicker for comfort. These had no spare tires and had specially cast bodies.

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Except for the Hi-Way series and the Allied Van Lines semi, all other trucks sported the familiar bright finish bumper. This delightful needlepoint pillow was painstakingly crafted by Philippe's wife Kathryn. In the tables below, I've listed a few different Identification Features for the various truck model years.

The Tonka T was now emblazoned on the center of the front bumper. The two-tone brown is rare. Also new for was the introduction of two new wheel covers. The tire was changed to an injection molded plastic material as was the separate whitewall.

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Roosevelt era of over-powering government and engineered depression. This new series also introduced Zamak, a complex zinc alloy, into toy production. Many have some deformation of their bodies that grows in size and begins separating from the chassis. The tiny blue car in the orange trailer is the very first Tootsietoy automobile with moving wheels, produced in through the s. Issued in for only one year.

The box is rather small, just large enough to contain the two models, locked on their display tray by wheels cutouts stamped in the black base. After the civilian ambulance had been sold in cream, then plain white color and as world politics rapidly turned to all-out war, the military ambulances were first introduced in in tan color. The brown and maroon sedan second shelf from the bottom is common. It was natural that this should interest the publishing Dowsts, dating your parents and one was soon installed at their plant.

  • At other times, the changes could best be described as brutally apparent.
  • Earlier versions had one-piece cast wheels.
  • LaSalle always had body-color chassis except in one instance, that of the silver body that had a black chassis.
  • Tootsietoy Graham colors followed a very clear discipline, and there were few variations from the basic colors.
  • He lived in retirement in San Diego, California, until his death only a few years ago.
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You could have any color you wanted as long as it was red. These are more scarce than the standard Lincoln models with two-piece bumpers. This particular set was issued in and is fitted with slightly different models than the original issue, and is now in a larger box. Part of a two-car set with a LaSalle sedan in a tan color, sold in a special gift box, it features body-color wheels, black tires and split axles like on the Graham Bild-a-Car models. Hard to tell, but the authenticity is there, the two pieces obviously original.

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Inside the cab, injection molded plastic seats and a vinyl steering wheel were added. Tonka truck identification, at least in the early years, is really pretty basic stuff. The pocket for an accessory trailer was retained. You will see that, at times, the changes from year to year can be fairly subtle.

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