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However, the descriptions of the Nos. The handles have a dimpled pattern with a central raised diamond, and one handle is drilled for a hanging loop, questions as shown in the lower inset. This catalog is available as a reprint and is probably the best early catalog resource for Kraeuter tools. This specialty set of fish rods is the perfect solution for low-light applications.

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By the model pliers were being produced with three slip-joint positions. Nothing less than the best to equip the professional. Constructed of rugged denier polyester to resist wear and tear on the jobsite. Not even sure why they date them with that much lack of organization.

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Durably made from steel and finished in black oxide for high performance, it provides fast, reliable modular-crimp connector installation for voice- and data applications. If you've ever used fiberglass fish rods, you know how painful and annoying fiberglass splinters can be. The smooth ratchet mechanism makes this bolt cutter the easiest to use on the market. Photographs and observations of particular tools are based on items in the Alloy Artifacts collection. Direct descendants of Mathias Klein are actively engaged in every aspect of the business.

Whether you're looking for hex keys, Phillips, flat head, nut drivers or more for jobs like assembly and demolition, all of your needs are well and truly taken care of. Some traces of the original nickel plated finish can be seen on the jaws, but most has been lost due to extensive rust. The next several figures show examples of Kraeuter's series of end nippers.

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Cattaraugus Knife Numbering System. There also are no markings on the underside of the handles. They're journeymen, above all else. Here's the link to contact them. Speaking of that history, many people often fail to realize that the Kleins have actually been in business for a lot longer than most realize.

Split point pilot drill bit prevents bit walking. Regardless of the size of the site you're trying to illuminate, Klein has the option for you. Schrade Knife Image Gallery.

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Manufacturing Dates We were pleased to discover that Klein Tools has a date code system when a reader sent us a reference. It also features Klein's exclusive descending laser-etched markings. The angled slot in the King pliers can be seen clearly in the J. The middle left inset shows a close-up of the jaw construction, illustrating a detail peculiar to the Kraeuter Button's pliers. The listings include ticket punches, machinists calipers, gas pliers, the Victor universal pliers, chisels, and even carpet stretchers!

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Used for safety equipment. Powering America's Passion. Remington Knife Image Gallery. The catalog described the Kraeuter finish as polished steel with black oxide for the knurled areas. Dresser later acquired Sherman-Klove S-K and Lectrolite, girl and by the Kraeuter line had been expanded to include sockets and drive tools.

Schrade Open Stock Knives. The middle inset shows a close-up of the jaw construction, illustrating a detail peculiar to the Kraeuter Button's pliers. The multi-million dollar facility provides the capacity to substantially increase forging production. All jobs are easier when you've got Klein electrical tools at your side, including options like utility knives, splicing kits, wire strippers, replacement blades and much, much more. If its not on the handle, wonder what that would make it?

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The Company The story of Klein Tools actually begins over a century ago, dating all the way back to in beautiful Chicago, Illinois. The story of Klein Tools actually begins over a century ago, dating all the way back to in beautiful Chicago, Illinois. Regardless of exactly what it is you need to test, you can rest easy knowing that you'll be able to do it with Klein.

Years of field research, combined with extensive input from electricians across America, inspired the development of meters loaded with innovative, i'm time-saving features. An example of this tool can be seen as the Kraeuter Adjustable Alligator Wrench in a later figure. Case Knife Handle Materials. Robeson Knife Tang Stamps. This compact tool also has an integrated handle lock for easy storage.

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Jungle Stalker digitized camo, to be precise. This newest facility is dedicated to the deployment of cutting edge manufacturing processes and advanced research and development. Kraeuter's use of the right-angle slot between the jaws is an important detail and will be helpful in identifying Kraeuter's contract production. Klein Tools has you covered. Note the use of the Dimple-Diamond gripping pattern on the handles, the earliest of the major handle patterns used by Kraeuter.

Note that on these later pliers the slot is at an angle to the jaws. Marwedel Company, an industrial supplier, lists one page of Kraeuter pliers. The internal circuit assembly is disposed inside the cylindrical hollow body housing.

The tape features a flat, plastic slotted tip that resists snagging and easily accepts wire. In order to assist with estimating manufacturing dates, we hope to develop some guidelines based on tool markings and other characteristics. Electric power opened up new industries.

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Schrade Uncle Henry Knives. Introduction Klein Tools is a maker of pliers, nippers and other tools operating in Chicago, Illinois. At which point, of course, it will be there for you. Case Classic Shield Variations. The company's earliest products were primarily machinists tools such as calipers.

Canal Street Knife Image Gallery. Circular marking style illustrated on most pliers. You don't just need something functional - you need something durable to stand up to whatever life happens to throw at you. The Construction of a Case Knife.

  • The patent applied notation suggests that these might be early production of this model, and that Kraeuter hoped to patent some feature.
  • It might be your best bet.
  • The handle patterns in the illustrations show most models with the Dimple-Diamond gripping pattern, but the No.

The jaws incorporate both flat and rounded gripping surfaces, side cutters, and Button's cutting slots, and the handles include an awl tip and a screwdriver blade. Traditional Pocketknives Come Full Circle. It contains three easy to install blades with four screws. This tool is American-made and constructed of forged steel with a hot-riveted joint for increased durability. The inset shows the simplified gripping pattern for the knurled handles, academy suggesting production from the mid s onward.

Don't worry - you can be prepared for anything and everything with Klein's fully stocked data and coaxial cable tool kits. Remington Pocketknife Shields. In the mid s Kraeuter placed advertisements in some of the popular magazines of the day. Regards, Bill Klein Tools.

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  2. By the early s Kraeuter had been acquired by Dresser Industries, a conglomerate making tools and machinery.
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Thats at least half of the fun for me. Button's Pattern pliers were a style of wire-cutters first introduced by J. Non-contact voltage detector. Remington Pocket Knife Tang Stamps.

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There's lots of info on them available. Klein's positioning straps work with Klein's climbing equipment for linemen. Non-Contact Voltage Detector. Years of field research, combined with extensive input from electricians across America, inspired the development of metersloaded with innovative, time-saving features.

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