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Anthony has recently advocated various social justice causes. On offense, Anthony is recognized for being a prolific scorer with a variety of crafty offensive moves. If that's the case, I hope they never meet by chance and start dating only to find out later they are siblings. We had definitely been apart whn the baby was conceived? Lala just gonna be cheating for the hell of it.

When was Carmelo Soria born? Who is better Tracy mcgrady or carmelo Anthony? When was Carmelo Robledo born?

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She could be like you hv the baby but I still hv the man. All it means is that he's reserving the option to go back home. White women move the phuck on and take his money. When did Carmelo Buonocore die?

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The Nuggets suspended Anthony for two games due to the arrest. Then LaLa called it quits. Hmph, Carmelo might need to get custody and bring his daughter to his wife. The women were all over him.

He could barely get any exercise in. You're still being obtuse. True, but I don't think that would have been said about her, especially after what he did, not to mention the world knows she's only been with him.

Carmelo Anthony s New Baby Mama Exposed by Girlfriend

You are now free to roam about the county but fawk you! If the husband and wife reconcile, dating sites the marriage comes first. When did Carmelo Soria die? When was Carmelo Sigona born? If your thatDumb and vulnerable to believe this man is not married then google it.

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What does the name Athony mean? She cares about having an in-home daddy for her own baby and she cares about the opportunities that will come her way with being his wife. Lmfao men do what you allow them to do. And would not even consider to take her back! When was Carmelo Pujia born?

  • Plus if she likes honey pots then it's really out of spite.
  • She doesn't care about the baby.
  • Lots of women stay after a man has cheated.

She obviously has very low self esteem because she certainly can't trust him ever again. How pitiful side piece look living and planning their life on hope of a marriage and married family failing. Minnesota Timberwolves vs. No, safari dating NeNe is the one who was diagnosed with cancer.

He would never forgive her. What is Carmelo Anthony's nickname? He wasted too many years with Knicks. This led to a historic stretch of games by Lin, and a period of basketball hysteria known as Linsanity.

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Something as simple as that. Yup the side chick would have been happy. First he took Foreva to marry her. The same way she had that package to get someone else's man, why stop now?

Hopefully, Lala won't let the baby mama get under her skin even though that's very hard to do. For that reason, I can understand why she did. No Luda legal moves should be applied. If he gets sick I dont want to feel cheated. This chick is obviously looking for attention.

  1. Who knew Vince Carter still played.
  2. When was Carmelo Giaquinta born?
  3. Everytime you went to a blog over the last year, there she was.
  4. Exactly, I'm pretty sure it was more her choice then his.

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Carmelo Anthony s New Baby Mama Exposed by Girlfriend

Not my fault you lack basic comprehension skills. When was Carmelo Barbaro born? Cheating is one thing bringing a whole baby into it is another. Well Queen Bey and her lemonade has set a precedence for these women in the industry and the women down the block from us. Why did he cheat on Lala with a woman who looks Just Like Lala?

This kinda mess hurts in a whole new way. That's just straight messy. She kicked him out of her home and embraced life as a single mom. Look at how those men did Ciara. Lala is lucky that all he got out there was a baby.

Cheating is fine as long as there's no living, breathing evidence? Funny how men get a pass for all there bad behavior and the women they are involved with are always taken to task and demonized. It's like they were put on this earth to hurt women. Unfortunately, it happens more than you know. Trash bag cum dumpster mother and an uncommitted father.

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She chose to stay with her husband. The Nuggets were eliminated in the First Round for the fourth straight year. Sad sad world we living in.

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